the business of going off-grid

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Short Term Rentals (STRs)

ITB’s initial revenue stream of designer-themed lodging experiences to be dropped in remote locations in and around U.S. State and National parks.

Off-Grid Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Direct to consumer sales for an aging Baby Boomer generation looking for “in-law suite” style living.

Readily-Available Emergency Services

Multiple use cases for NGOs and intergovernmental organizations responding to global humanitarian crises.

Into The Box has identified 3 main areas of opportunity for utilizing our proprietary off-grid system:

the details

ITB is seeking partnerships with well-known interior designers to design our ADU and STR Box lines, to tap into designer followings and provide a more unique experience over our ADU and STR competitors.

ITB’s ADU and STR Boxes feature exclusive, themed designs and include renewable energy and apartment-style amenities.

Our off-grid technology allows us to charge less than our ADU and STR competition. For instance, ITB projects our ADU Boxes saving consumers up to 50%, in comparison to the average ADU on the market today due to our proprietary fully off-grid design & modularity of buildout process.

ITB plans to roll out our ADU line in late 2023. Click here to be one of the first.

Designer STR Concepts