Top Reasons to Invest in The Box

Our Vice President, Maya, shares her top reasons why you should invest in ITB

Into The Box Inc.

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Investing in new and innovative companies has been a historically exclusive process. Over the last 80 years, private companies were only able to raise equity from the top 2% of American income earners (AKA, accredited investors). As of 2016 the SEC’s new Reg CF offering enables early-stage private companies to raise capital from anyone who believes in their mission and trajectory. 

Instead of a “kick-starter” model for raising funds (say, earning a t-shirt or chachki in exchange for an investment) you can now buy equity in new private companies! Into The Box has partnered with Netcapital, a leading crowdfunding platform for Reg CF raises, to give access to all interested investors. 

In case you’re new here… who are we? ITB is saying goodbye to hotel hell by creating one-of-a-kind, themed pop-up lodging experiences with a special focus on environmental sustainability and the regenerative tourism movement. You can diversify your portfolio and be a part of our growth journey by investing #IntoTheBox at!

But let’s back up for a moment. We know that there are plenty of hotel companies and Airbnbs out there, so why Into The Box? Below are three questions to ask yourself to see if Into The Box is a good fit for your next investment: 

  1. Sustainability: You are eco-conscious and consider a company’s environmental ethics when making an investment. You want your money to go towards a company actually committed to reducing waste and their carbon footprint. 

    The ITB Edge: Our goal is to make environmental sustainability and regenerative tourism the new standard in the hospitality industry. We’re targeting excessive carbon emissions and disruption to local communities as the primary environmental impacts typical of current hospitality offerings, bringing real solutions including a commitment to renewable energy, integration and economic collaboration with our host communities, and much more.

  2. Mundanity: You’re tired of the same old “cookie-cutter” rooms that you see over, and over, and over again when traveling. You look for unique and inspiring places that have all the luxuries of home.

    The ITB Edge: No two boxes share the same theme, allowing for repeat visitors to experience new and exciting boxes. Each immersive box is curated by leading designers across the country and involves our #IntoTheBox community when selecting new themes. Also, since our boxes are deployed on a pop-up circuit, our boxes are offered for a limited time creating urgency to book!

  3. Return on Investment: You want to invest in a company that is valued by its patrons and commands a premium. 

    The ITB Edge: ITB has developed a following of people dedicated to our mission. Most hospitality brands don’t have a unique edge that allows them to command a premium for their stays. A Skift study recently found that the majority of Gen Z travelers say they're willing to pay higher rates for a travel service provider that demonstrates environmental responsibility. With nearly half of Millennials surveyed agreeing, we believe our Boxes are likely to command a premium rental rate, thus adding more value to your portfolio.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, congrats! You’re a good fit to invest #IntotheBox. Our team is dedicated to making an impact in the $600 billion hospitality industry, and we are excited to have you join the mission.

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